We love getting feedback from our members and publishers. We’ve started compiling some of the best tidbits here (and on our Facebook page), but we always want to hear from YOU! So please, tell us what you think.

Publishers & Authors:

“In the last five weeks my audiobook Untold Mayhem: An Assortment of Violence has already accumulated over 50 reviews, many of which are also being uploaded to Goodreads, personal blogs, and YouTube. … Not only have I learned more about the type of person I should market to, but I’ve already made some fantastic connections; one of my favorite parts about writing.” – Mark Tullius, author of Untold Mayhem: An Assortment of Violence

“Sharing NetGalley feedback with authors is a particularly gratifying part of the run-up to the publication date and has become really important to us in garnering early consumer reviews for our path-breaking works of nonfiction. ” – Brian Ulicky, The New Press, “Case Study: Thick by Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom

“Nothing beats social proof other than direct word of mouth endorsement. NetGalley’s community of avid and engaged readers provided that during the critical post-publication period.” – Jayne Allen, “Case Study: Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

“I wanted to tell you what a fantastic experience I am having as a NetGalley customer. From my sales person, Stuart, to Katie at Concierge, and Alyce, I feel supported in the tech side like I’ve never experienced from customer service for a company. While my technical issues stem from the publisher side, these people at NetGalley continue to help me – even when I know they could easily say, ‘Sorry it’s not our problem.’ Thanks again for employing fabulous people who really care about customers and books.” – Darcie Rowan, Darcie Rowan PR.

“NetGalley reviewers take a lot of pride in their reviews and hence these reviews are extremely well written… [NetGalley] was the only place I felt my book was actually getting some attention.” – Luke Gracias, “NetGalley for a Self-Published Debut Author,” author of The Devil’s Prayer.

“I just wanted to send a quick note to express my thanks for your help in getting RUM LUCK listed in the April newsletter. I’ve already seen more than a 350% increase in requests, and they are continuing to come in. I definitely feel that the service has been worthwhile and will highly recommend it to other authors. But most importantly, I feel that your flexibility, dedication and professionalism as NetGalley employees was what made this possible. Thank you once again.” –Ryan Aldred, author of Rum Luck

“The NetGalley community is fair and transparent with their reviews, responsive to collaboration, and an invaluable resource for generating early reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, blogs, and social media which carry a lot of weight with general consumers. We value our relationship with NetGalley and their members very highly.” –Corrin Foster, Marketing Manager of Greenleaf Book Group

“By far one of the best ways I’ve found to spread the word about my upcoming titles is NetGalley. With their resources, I’m quickly connected with quality readers and industry professionals, who discover my work. Every title I’ve listed with NetGalley has been a top sales performer.”
—Lisa Renee Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author,

Booksellers, Bloggers, Reviewers, Librarians, Educators, and Media:

“I find NetGalley completely invaluable, and I now do about 90% of my pre-publication reading through it. It gives me access both to books that are in high demand among my colleagues, and books that our fabulous reps haven’t thought of for our shop.  I also find it much more convenient not to have to carry bulky proofs around with me.” —Tara Spinks, Assistant Manager at Lutyens & Rubinstein Bookshop in London

“NetGalley has been a wonderful resource for our librarians. Many use your service for assistance with collection development reader’s advisory, and to connect with publishers and authors. On a personal note, NetGalley has been my go-to resource in preparing my new teen books workshops, and I always take five minutes to give attendees a brief overview of your service. Thank you for supporting the work of the Massachusetts Library Association and of our profession. It is sincerely appreciated!” —Sarah Sogigian, Advisor, Youth Services, Massachusetts Library System, YALSA Board of Directors

“Just wanted to say that is really makes it easy to order books for the library when you have already read the egalley and can make an informed choice. I think I checked off at least five books on our latest B&T order that I had read and enjoyed, books that I probably would have passed over before. Not to mention ordering personal copies as well. — Sharon Redfern, via NetGalley Facebook Page

“I have been recently introduced to NetGalley and it was one of the best decisions ever to become a member. You have created an excellent platform for readers, writers and publishers to communicate on a unique level and certainly introduced me to books I would never have found on my own. My book purchases have also skyrocketed.” —Margitte, Reviewer

“As a blogger, as a librarian and as an educator I’m so pleased to have discovered NetGalley. It’s a great tool for discovering new titles and having the chance to evaluate them. As economies grow tighter for book buyers and as professional librarians become endangered species it is so helpful to be able to read and review new titles without making expensive mistakes and doubly pleasing when I find a gem and am able to recommend it for purchase!” —Bookaholic via Tumblr