An Author’s Path

NetGalley’s own Stuart Evers and Myfanwy Collins share their expert insights as authors and publishing-industry professionals regarding how a book gets written and makes its way into the world.

In “An Author’s Path,” they give a roadmap detailing how authors can find the time and discipline to finish their book, and what to do with it once it’s been written. Stuart covers the conventional publishing route; from finding an agent to represent you and your book, to editing the manuscript, sending out ARCs, and more. Myfanwy explains how and why an author should consider submitting to writing contests or journals, and the basics behind writing a successful query letter. Then, they discuss the basics of book marketing and publicity; how to solicit blurbs and use social media to your advantage.

You can view the full video here. We’ve also included some timestamps so that you can quickly find the most relevant information for your needs.







  • Intro: 0:00
  • How to write a book: 1:30
  • What to do with your book once you’ve finished writing it: 8:15
  • The conventional publishing route (finding an agent, pitching publishers, editing, ARCs) 9:38
  • Submitting to your work to journals & contests, writing query letters 22:29
  • Book marketing and publicity: soliciting blurbs, using social media: 32:08
  • Q&A: 50:10

“What’s New at NetGalley” Webinar

NetGalley is always evolving, and we know it can be hard to keep up with all the great new features available to you. We recently hosted a webinar detailing some of the most important enhancements we’ve made to NetGalley in the past year; changes for both publishers and members. This quick 20-minute webinar will show you how NetGalley’s tools continue to evolve, and how you can incorporate them into your unique marketing strategy.

View the full recording here.

Below are some timestamps so that you can easily find the most relevant information for your purposes:

  • Update: NetGalley Community (0:58)
  • Feedback Enhancements: (2:55)
  • Enhanced Member Management for Publishers: (6:15)
  • Sample NetGalley Workflow & NetGalley Checklist: (8:42)
  • NetGalley Marketing: (9:40)
  • Q&A: (12:00)